Program Planning & Expansion with Dr. Richard Geer, MD

Azra AI

Aug 31, 2022



“It’s finally shown us what we call the ‘Denominator of Cancer Care.’ Everyone thinks they know how many patients they see or could see in their system… but you until you have a system that counts the number of diagnosed patients per year…Now that we know the denominator, we can right size the programs, nurse navigators….and needs for that system… 

For example, in one of our markets, we have…really good systems for pancreatic surgeons… We can now look at every diagnosis across the region and make the program really work…and get patients to where they need to be – the right patient, the right treatment and at the right time.” Dr. Richard Geer, MD | Physician-in-Chief, Surgical Oncology, HCA




About Azra AI

Azra AI uses proprietary artificial intelligence software to read millions of unstructured data records and identify at-risk patients in need of follow-up care, resulting in more equitable health outcomes, increased patient retention, and a reduced burden on clinical workers. This revolutionary technology — used in hospitals and cancer centers across the country — accelerates the patient care process and delivers a positive impact on clinical, financial, and operational outcomes. Learn more about Azra AI at and follow us at @Azra_AI_Health.

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Azra AI expands innovative incidental findings technology to help clinicians identify more cancers

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