Life Isn’t Structured.
Data Shouldn’t Have To Be.

Azra AI’s clinical intelligence platform interprets unstructured data in real-time to automate the identification and classification of patient diagnosis and prove key insights for care management. 
About Azra AI

Convert Your Unstructured Data Into Actionable Insights With NLP

Azra AI’s technology heritage derives from the original creators of artificial intelligence (AI) for unstructured data. Created with the idea of using technology for good, the original models and algorithms were used by U.S. intelligence organizations after 9/11 to track down terrorists. The technology was subsequently used to help law enforcement combat human trafficking online and then evolved into a natural use case–for healthcare. Today, our trusted, highly evolved AI models focus on the identification of potential cancer patients, automating workflows, and looking for missed incidental findings.

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7 Day

reduction in time to treatment
Better Outcomes
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increase in clinical interaction
Better Experience
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increase in patient retention
Increased Retention
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in additional health system revenue created
Increased Revenue

Unlock the power of unstructured data

Azra AI provides a better care experience and better outcomes by quickly analyzing, identifying, and classifying oncology patients, in real-time, by cancer type.
More automation, less documentation

Now in use in more than 200 medical systems and hospitals across the country, Azra AI’s technology helps clinicians and medical teams identify suspicious findings that could lead to an earlier cancer diagnosis for patients, where treatment options allow patients to potentially be cured.

Why Choose Us

Earlier Detection At Your Fingertips

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  • Significantly shortens time to treatment
  • Better outcomes for patients overall
  • Enhanced quality of care
  • Improves cancer survival rates


  • Increases time with patients by reducing manual documentation
  • Quickly identifies at-risk patients
  • Greatly improves workflow
  • Gives peace of mind as a second set of eyes
  • Improves morale of care team
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  • Grow oncology revenues
  • Real time business analytics of patient flow and volumes
  • Increase staff productivity 
  • Increases patient retention
  • Proven technology at enterprise scale