We Automate Oncology Workflows for Better Outcomes.

Our proven SaaS Clinical Intelligence solution is used by more than 200 hospitals and cancer centers across the U.S. to identify positive cancer diagnoses and incidental findings in real-time, classify by primary site, and route those patients to cancer navigators and other staff to immediately start the cancer care journey.
About Azra AI

Developed Alongside One Of The Largest U.S. Healthcare Provider Organizations

Our AI-powered technology was developed through an innovative collaboration with a major U.S. health system, harnessing their extensive experience and expertise in healthcare. Working hand-in-hand, our partnership enabled us to train our machine learning models on a wealth of real-world data, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. As a result, our AI solution has been seamlessly integrated and deployed across the entire organization, empowering healthcare professionals to make better-informed decisions and ultimately improving patient outcomes. This strategic partnership showcases the transformative potential of AI when combined with the knowledge and resources of industry leaders, setting new benchmarks for the future of healthcare.

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7 Day

reduction in time to treatment
Better Outcomes
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increase in nurse-patient interaction
Better Experience
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increase in patient retention
Increased Retention
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increase in Net Patient Revenue
Increased Revenue

Transform Unstructured Data Into Actionable Insights

Azra AI excels at understanding unstructured data, transforming it into valuable and actionable insights for healthcare organizations. By employing advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, our technology efficiently extracts critical information from pathology and radiology reports. By harnessing the power of Azra AI, healthcare organizations can achieve remarkable improvements in clinical, operational, and financial outcomes, ultimately contributing to the delivery of high-quality, patient-centered care while increasing revenue and achieving greater efficiency across the board.

Why Choose Us

Earlier Detection At Your Fingertips

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  • Significantly shortens time to treatment
  • Better outcomes for patients overall
  • Enhanced quality of care
  • Improves cancer survival rates


  • Increases time with patients by reducing manual documentation
  • Quickly identifies at-risk patients
  • Greatly improves workflow
  • Gives peace of mind as a second set of eyes
  • Improves morale of care team
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  • Grow oncology revenues
  • Real time business analytics of patient flow and volumes
  • Increase staff productivity 
  • Increases patient retention
  • Proven technology at enterprise scale