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SmartPath: Tumor Registry Automation


Eliminate manual casefinding and abstract vital patient data for tumor registry reporting.

Empower Tumor Registrars to Remain Compliant and Avoid Registry Backlogs.

SmartPath, our groundbreaking AI-powered solution, offers vital support to tumor registry teams across the nation's hospitals and healthcare facilities. In the wake of recent disruptions in reporting registry data for the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program, SmartPath emerges as a dependable alternative, ensuring seamless operations. This innovative tool streamlines the arduous task of casefinding and patient data abstraction, empowering healthcare professionals to focus on delivering top-quality patient care while reducing backlogs and maintaining compliance.

How it Works

Automate Workflows and Augment Staff

Our proven SaaS solution is used by 200+ hospitals and cancer centers to read every pathology report.


Step 1

Our system ingests every single pathology report.


Step 2

It then uses cutting-edge AI and machine learning to see if there is a positive cancer diagnosis annotated in the report.

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Step 3

If there is a positive cancer diagnosis, the system then looks to see what kind of cancer it is. All other non-cancerous reports are filtered out.

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Step 4

The cancer-positive reports are immediately added to a “Care Queue”, which is a simple interface that shows all positive diagnoses in order of priority and urgency.

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Step 5

Our AI automatically abstracts vital data and populates required fields in NAACCR format.

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Step 6

Tumor Registrars can effortlessly submit required registry data to state agencies and avoid backlogs.


Say Goodbye to Manual, Repetitive Processes

Automated Workflows

Effortlessly identify and abstract vital cancer patient data while reducing human error.

Efficiency & Speed

Identify cancer patients needing care and abstract reportable data in a fraction of the time spent now.

Intuitive User Interface

Tumor Registry teams can quickly adapt to this state-of-the-art solution without the need for extensive IT support.

Compliance & Reporting:

Hospitals can automatically transmit pathology directly to state agencies as required, and generate comprehensive reports with ease.

Quick Implementation & Integration

Easy to implement and seamlessly integrates with your existing hospital systems.

Data Security

Employs robust security measures to safeguard patient information, complying with all relevant healthcare data privacy regulations.

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