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How does Azra AI help with our clinical operations?

An all-in-one clinical intelligence platform solution with a multidisciplinary approach to streamline care.

How does Azra AI increase our facility's ROI?

Azra AI significantly increases revenue with AI-powered care management software to augment the care teams and accelerate the process, delivering a positive impact on clinical, financial and operational outcomes.

How is Azra AI better for my organization?

Our clinical intelligence platform increases the speed of time-to-contact patients to 72 hours, reducing average time-to-treatment by 7 days. 24% faster time to treatment.

What is Azra AI?

Azra AI uses proprietary AI software to read millions of unstructured data records and identify at-risk patients needing follow-up care, resulting in more equitable health outcomes, increased patient retention, and a reduced burden on clinical workers. This new technology for cancer treatment is used in hospitals and cancer centers across the country — accelerates the patient care process and delivers a positive impact on clinical, financial, and operational outcomes.

Does Azra AI integrate with our current system?

Azra AI can be customized to fit the organization's specific needs and integrated into existing workflows.
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Say Goodbye to Manual, Repetitive Processes

Automated Workflows

Effortlessly identify and abstract vital cancer patient data while reducing human error.

Efficiency & Speed

Identify cancer patients needing care and abstract reportable data in a fraction of the time spent now.

Intuitive User Interface

Tumor Registry teams can quickly adapt to this state-of-the-art solution without the need for extensive IT support.

Compliance & Reporting:

Hospitals can automatically transmit pathology directly to state agencies as required, and generate comprehensive reports with ease.

Quick Implementation & Integration

Easy to implement and seamlessly integrates with your existing hospital systems.

Data Security

Employs robust security measures to safeguard patient information, complying with all relevant healthcare data privacy regulations.

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