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Cancer Patient Identification


Analyze pathology reports and identify positive cancer diagnoses in real-time so navigators can reach out sooner.

Identify Patients That Have a Positive Cancer Diagnosis in Real-Time

In the fast-paced world of cancer care, timing is everything. That's why our groundbreaking Cancer Patient Identification solution is set to revolutionize the field. Powered by unmatched capabilities, our state-of-the-art technology seamlessly processes and analyzes every pathology report, driven by our industry-leading AI. In mere moments, it identifies patients with positive cancer diagnoses, triggering real-time alerts that swiftly reach the care team members. Picture a scenario where patients are connected with their dedicated care teams at unprecedented speed, ensuring they receive the vital support they need without delay. Step into the future of healthcare and embrace a new era of proactive patient care with our one-of-a-kind Cancer Patient Identification solution. Get ready to rewrite the rules and redefine what's possible in cancer care.

How it Works

Automate Workflows and Augment Staff

Our proven SaaS solution is used by 200+ hospitals and cancer centers to read every pathology report.


Step 1

Our system ingests every single pathology report.


Step 2

It then uses cutting-edge AI and machine learning to see if there is a positive cancer diagnosis annotated in the report.

Elements Image

Step 3

If there is a positive cancer diagnosis, the system then looks to see what kind of cancer it is. All other non-cancerous reports are filtered out.

Tumor Registry Automation icon

Step 4

The cancer-positive reports are immediately added to a “Care Queue”, which is a simple interface that shows all positive diagnoses in order of priority and urgency.

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Step 5

Navigators can then reach out to the patient and start coordinating care in real-time.

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Step 6

The Care Queue can be tuned as each system wishes in order to reduce or increase the volume of reports that are initially shown.


Protect the most vulnerable patients by identifying their cancer diagnosis faster so they can be navigated sooner.

Reduce Time to Contact & Navigate Patients

Enables first contact from the physician and entry into navigator pathway within 24 hours of diagnosis.

Speed Up Treatment & Enhance Quality

Reduce the time to treat cancer patients, improving survivorship and other treatment outcomes.

Improve Capacity of Navigators & Care Team

Augment navigators and care coordinators enabling them to spend more time with patients and handle larger caseloads.

Patient Retention & Experience

Real-time identification allows navigators to quickly engage with patients and provide care guidance, leading to reduced patient out-migration.

Increase Volume of Oncology Patients

Helps nurse navigator teams find efficiencies in both internal processes and patient care, allowing increased oncology patient volume.

Increase Service Line Revenue

Helps to save lives by speeding up the discovery of newly diagnosed cancer cases, it also adds volume in a margin-positive service line.

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