Life Isn’t Structured. Data Shouldn’t Have To Be.

Azra AI software interprets unstructured data to identify and triage oncology patients who need treatment and follow-up care.

Technology That Helps the Patients In Real-Time

Innovation for patient advocacy.

Pathology review by AI

June 29, 2022

Azra AI

Case Study

How Azra AI Technology Increases Patient Retention By 58%, Reduces Time To Treatment By Seven Days, & Increases Nurse / Patient Interaction By 217%

Since its inception, Azra AI’s workflow enhancements have added over $1 billion in additional net patient revenue

27 August 2022

Azra AI

Program Planning & Expansion With Dr. Richard Geer, MD

Everyone thinks they know how many patients they see or could see in their system… but you until you have a system that counts the number of diagnosed patients per year