Azra AI touts milestone in AI for cancer diagnosis

Azra AI

Sep 22, 2022
Azra AI touts milestone in AI for cancer diagnoses
By staff writers

Azra AI is touting a milestone in the use of its artificial intelligence (AI) technology for identifying cancer diagnoses in real-time and in turn, improving patient care.

The company said its technology is being used by over 200 hospitals and that it has shown promise in decreasing the amount of time from diagnosis to treatment by seven days across all cancer types.

Azra also said that its acquisition of the company Digital Reasoning, with funding from Sopris Capital and FCA Venture Partners, will allow the company to expand and accelerate its software across oncology and other healthcare service lines.


About Azra AI

Azra AI uses proprietary artificial intelligence software to read millions of unstructured data records and identify at-risk patients in need of follow-up care, resulting in more equitable health outcomes, increased patient retention, and a reduced burden on clinical workers. This revolutionary technology — used in hospitals and cancer centers across the country — accelerates the patient care process and delivers a positive impact on clinical, financial, and operational outcomes. Learn more about Azra AI at and follow us at @Azra_AI_Health.

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